Event Report: Bush 6 Marginata

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Bush 6 ER

This was the second event of the double-header weekend and was the Middle Distance SOL event.
Orienteer of the Year points were available and we had some entrants  in the sledge category, though definitely need more.
The weather was an improvement on expectations and competitors had a bright anbd mostly sunny morning to admire the wildflowers including prickly moses and orchids.
Ricky was obviously a little tired so only ran two courses today.    It was also great that many who entered the Easy course also had a go at the Moderate course too.
Many thanks to KO for organising this event, in particular Sten Claessens and Jennifer Major as setters and John Major as controller.

Photos from the event on our Facebook page as usual.

Results are available here.

Event Report: Bush 5 Peterdine

Sunday 16th August 2020

Spice Brook 2020

The rain showers rolled through all morning for Sunday's Peterdine event. Situated up on the hill Rachel West and Craig Dufty had a good vantage point looking across the distant paddocks and hills to see the approaching weather in advance. Clear spells were heavily used by runners to get underway but not many got around the whole course without getting wet at some point. There were still lots of smiling, happy faces at the end though from people who had enjoyed the open, friendly terrain of Peterdine. 

Event Report: Bush 7 Ngangaguringguring

Sunday 6th September 2020


Orienteers were out in force for the 7th bush event of the season at Ngangaguringguring.

Although this was the first event of spring and there were plenty of wild flowers in bloom, the sun wasn't keen to show its face, though the overcast weather provided good running conditions.

As far as the terrain went, the wide open forest combined with the complex grantite was challenging for some but great for Rachel showing some beginners on a guided moderate course following on from the into sessions at Whiteman Park.

Thanks to Robert Boekelaar for setting the event and to Helen Post and WOW for running the event.

You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page.  Many thanks to Rob West for doing this.

The full results are on Eventor.  The link to the page is here.

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