Event Report: Piney Lakes Metro Series Event 2

Saturday 9th November 2019

Mike Pat

The Piney Lakes Metro Series event was held on Saturday afternoon with courses set by first time MetrO series setters, Michael and Patrick Dufty (pictured above). They came up with some interesting and challenging courses and also did a substantial remap of the area. The weather forecast was for a sizzling hot day, however the sea breeze came in early enough that the temperature had cooled rapidly to much better running weather by the start of the event.  

Event Report: Murdoch State Sprint Champs

Saturday 21st September 2019murdoch2019 startpic

Murdoch University campus hosted the Sprint Championship with four detailed and intricate courses. There were close contests across all the age classes and congratulations to Ricky Thackray (M21A) and Veronika Vavrova (W21A) who took out the Open trophies.

Thanks to all those who helped to make the event a success. A team of LOST people assisted Karen Staude (setter) and Ken Brownlie (controller) including; Richard Matthews (who helped with putting out the controls and ran non-competitive), Edward Plummer, Mike Howe, Noel Schoknecht, Anthea Feaver. Moreen Cox, Simon Spagnol, Robert Graieg, Nick Dale, Zali Dale, Jen Porter and Carol Brownlie (WOW ring in!).

Event Report: Bush 12 Gunapin


Sixty-nine orienteers travelled to Gunapin Ridge to enjoy a great (if not the great) area for orienteering in WA. A beautiful, cool day greeted the competitors, there was no rain in sight.  I planned eight courses with the view that a sprint championship and a long distance championship were in the offing next weekend. Apart from one control, #126, that was misplaced, many competitors commented that they were happy with the variety of courses and the challenge that they presented.

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