Club Relays @ Christmas Tree Creek

Saturday 30 July 

Location: Pechey Road, Swanview

We hope to see you on Saturday for the Club Relays. Good luck to those taking part. Spectators and support welcome!


Hard Open Teams Members: 2, 3 or 4 Legs: Hard navigation around 2.5 km.
Hard Masters Teams (men over 50 and women over 45) Members: 2, 3 or 4 Legs: Hard navigation around 2.0 km.
Mixed Teams Members: 3 Legs: Hard using a Masters Team course around 2.0 km. Medium course around 2.0 km. Easy course of 1.5 km (shadowing of < 12 year olds is allowed on this course).

Start Time: 1.30pm mass start for 1st leg runners. There will be a second mass start at 2:45pm for any remaining runners.
Courses Close: 4.00pm

Facilities: There is a toilet. There is no water on courses.
Bring: E-tag and compass. Control descriptions will be printed on the map.

For more information and directions click here.

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