What is Anytime Orienteering?

Anytime orienteering provides free maps of urban and bushland areas in WA that allow you to enjoy an orienteering course and try out your map-reading and navigation skills at a time that is convenient to you.
There are two main types of maps:

Bush maps - These are typical orienteering maps of bushland or park areas that have permanent markers at defined features (control points). For most areas there are multiple suggested courses suitable for both newcomers and experienced orienteers.

Photo maps - These show an urban area with control points marked by a circle on the map. The map sheet also has photos of the features at the control sites. The orienteer must select the photo that matches each control site.

How do I get the map?
A list of current map locations is available and we’re adding new locations all the time. The list below has links to the corresponding areas with maps that can be downloaded as soon as you complete the online request, or in some instances we will let you know where to collect maps (e.g. information booths). For each bush location there is usually a number of maps available with different courses, e.g. short, medium, long, together with a master map showing all control sites. The master map allows the orienteer to make their own course by choosing which controls they will visit. For the photo maps there is only an ‘all control’ option.

After selecting a location you can download the maps and print the course(s) you want to try. Downloads are free but we do require that you register by completing the online form, before downloading the map. This allows us to understand patterns of use of our Anytime Orienteering courses and will help us provide more options in the future.

We recommend that you print the map in colour to enable you to use the map legend easily to identify features on the map and make your orienteering more enjoyable.

You can also download the following instructions and guides in PDF format to print and these will help you get underway.

Anytime Orienteering - Getting Started Guide (PDF)
Anytime Orienteering - Orienteering Tips (PDF)
Guidelines for the Protection of People and the Environment (PDF)

Currently Available Anytime Orienteering Areas:

Jorgensen Park, Kalamunda

Settlers Common, Armadale

Whiteman Park, Whiteman

Lake Leschenautia, Chidlow

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