WA State MTBO League

The MTBO State League Series decides the Mountain Bike Orienteer of the Year (MTBOY) award, designed to reward the most consistently performing male and female rider throughout the season.

Points are awarded to riders based on their overall finishing place amongst their peers at each of the nominated events.

During the 2020 season, we anticipate that the best four out of seven rides will count towards a person’s score, so this will allow people to miss the occasional ride or to discount a bad ride.

Points can only be earned if the rider rides in his or her respective age category (for championship events) or on the applicable course for standard events and only to individual riders (i.e. teams will not split the points).
However, riders can “ride up” a course and still earn points, although there are no handicaps applied and the rider will be compared directly against all other eligible riders on that course.

Applicable ages for courses are as follows:

  Male Female
Short course <17 or 55+ <17 or 50+
Medium course <20 or 40+ <20 or 35+
Long course All ages All ages

All novices will receive points on their first successfully completed event, regardless of the course. As an incentive and to avoid penalising our volunteer base, points are also awarded to setters and non-competing organisers based on the average of their best four rides during the season.

Current Standings

Overall Standings  will be visible in Eventor once the series starts.

Current standings after each event will be published here during the year.

Upcoming Events

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